Windy City SC Breath Control Workshop

There are endless health and performance benefits that come with the ability to tap into the immense capacity of your breath. Come join us on November 11th as we introduce and share with you specialized breathing methods that can heighten your oxygen levels, unlock your aerobic capacity to its fullest potential, and increase your performance in the gym and life.
Did you know...?
Breathing leads to
-Toxic Carbon Dioxide leaving your system
-Vital Oxygen flooding your body and repairing weak cells
-Alkalizing your system.(Raising your PH) Making your body more basic.
Breath retention lasting about 1-2minutes leads to lower oxygen tension in your blood. Signals your brain to awaken. Like a reset switch in your brain bringing you back to harmony.
When oxygen is then reintroduced in the body there is a sense of euphoria, a controlled release of adrenaline gives you a natural "high."
Breathing properly assists in both the preparation for athletic output and for recovery after a workout is complete.

November 18, 2018
Time: 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Main Room
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Spaces Left: 20 Capacity: 30
Event Price: FREE